8×10 inch Bubble Courier Bag With Document Pouch – Pack of 100

8×10 inch Bubble Courier Bag With Document Pouch – Pack of 100


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Thickness     –    60 Micron

Bubble Thickness    –    260 GSM

Colour    –    Greyish White Outside and Black Inside

Flap    –    Extra

POD Jacket    –    YES

Bubble Layered    –    Seal King POD

Bubble Layered    –    YES

Permanent Sealing    –    Yes

Plain / Printed    –    Plain

Recyclable    –    100% Recyclable

Bubble layered courier bags with the protection of permanent peel and seal closure on the outside and a bubble lining on the inside. A clear overlapping body pocket for the insertion of Airway bill or Consignment Notes etc. is available on the either side of the courier bags. They are widely used by courier companies and e-commerce companies and various industries. With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we have come up with a wide range of uniquely designed Bubble Courier Bag With POD Jacket.


  • Cushioned with bubble layer inside for protection of semi fragiled products.
  • No Printing- Its Plain Bags- It Can be used on all marketplaces.
  • Quality is premium 60 Microns Extra Glossy Shining Bags.
  • This listing is for bags with POD Jacket-Pouch to insert waybill/address.
  • Absolutely Best Price online. More you buy, more you save.
Quality of product

Quality of product

recycle packaging

recycle packaging

certified Product

certified Product


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