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Bubble Padded Courier Bag


This bag provides additional bubble layer inside to give protection to your products & this can be used for semi fragile products. These padded envelopes are durable and have sturdy surface. This can be used in all market places. You can use these to mail cosmetics, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelry, medicines, seeds and bulbs, and a lot more.

Kraft Bubble Mailer Bag


These Kraft bubble mailer bags are made with high quality Kraft linerboard. Each bag has a bubble wrap lining to provide protection from damage that can occur during transit and handling. These are widely used to ship less fragile items safely.

Single POD Jacket Bubble Bag


Bubble bag having POD Bags contains Transparent Plastic Jacket-Commonly known as POD Jacket on the back side of the bag for the insertion of Shipping Address, Waybill, Invoices, Note conveying thanks etc. With this pocket, important documents or notes remain safe. It saves time and convey strong corporate image

White Bubble Envelope


These white bubble envelopes are light weighted and it is covered with bubble inside to give protection to your products. It is widely used in shipping of semi fragile items like cosmetics, paintings, jewelry etc. It is available in various sizes.