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Bubble Bag With Tamper Evident


This bag comes with higher level of tamper evidence security feature that gives an immediate irreversible sign that it has been tampered with. This bag is highly used for shipping expensive items like mobile phones, jewelry, precious stones where sign of tampering is required. There are two type of options are available hard bubble & soft bubble.

Cash Bag


Cash bag are custom, tamper- evident security bags made from durable clear or opaque co-extruded polyethylene film. These premium quality security banking bags provide a cost-effective security solution to financial institutions, transporting cash , coins and valuable documents.

Currency Bag


Currency bags are made to meet standard for security and offers advanced tamper detection features. It is made from 3-layer plastic film and features a permanent, virtually tamper-proof, VOID TAPE closure system.

Currency Transit Courier Bag


These bags are made to provide security to your currency from losing money or swapped with fake notes while it is transit. The hot melt adhesive ensures that currency inside the bag cannot be removed without tearing the bag thus increases the security. It comes with unique serial number on tear off receipt and the bag for identification of batches.

Money Deposit Bag


Money deposit bag is made from LDPE with peel and seal adhesive closure. It is highly used product for safety of money while depositing cash with its unique feature of weather proof, opaque to maintain secrecy of documents inside, easily you can write with permanent marker and 100 % recyclable.